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Tea is one of the most common hot beverages out there and in some parts of the world (Asia especially, but the United Kingdom as well), drinking tea is actually part of the cultural existence of those countries. Tea can be wonderfully beneficial for your body, especially when it is drank without sweeteners and it can be a relaxing way of catching up with an old friend. In the end, tea has become, for a lot of us out there, more than a beverage and it is part of our daily lives the same way as breathing.

What you may not know though is the fact that some types of tea can be extremely beneficial for your body’s health and for your skin’s health as well. For instance, acne is one of the most commonly encountered skin problems in the world and it is estimated that nearly 90% of the people in the Western countries have suffered or will suffer from various forms of acne. With so many people out there looking for an acne treatment to actually work, cosmetic companies have also come up with a wide range of solutions.

It may be surprising for you to find out that green tea can be extremely beneficial for acne treatment as well. In fact, green tea extracts and green tea oil are considered to be among the most powerful anti-septic natural ingredients out there and simply applying a bit of green tea oil on a pimple can make it heal much faster. Even more, there are a lot of cosmetic products and beauty products out there that focus on this exact quality green tea has. From creams to concealers, many of the products meant for acne treatment out there are based on green tea extracts. Get the list of food that are good for acne treatment at

Drinking green tea can be also helpful for your acne treatment as well, since it can purify the body of toxins and it can eliminate all those bad things you have in your body due to poor nutrition. All in all, green tea can be considered to be a miracle for the human body and you should definitely try it out as well.

Another type of tea that may be helpful in treating acne if applied locally is chamomile tea. Infusions with chamomile tea can open up your pores and this will allow for a better peel-off that is done in hygienic conditions and that does not lead to further infections and inflammations.

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